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Dreams offer clues about your life potential and pathway ahead. Taking the time to interpret your dreams, you will discover that a profound source of inner guidance is actually interpreting you to yourself.

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Our free online dream dictionary is compiled from decades of dream analysis with clients from all over the world.  Learn how to interpret your dreams to fast forward your growth using our free online dream tools.

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Dreams are cryptic because that is how emerging ideas break through your defenses. Each symbol becomes a snapshot of the changes that are happening in your 'inner world.' Listen to podcasts or explore our dream forum in this section.


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Want more information about the meaning of your dreams? Explore our books about the meaning of dreams and mobile apps that put dream interpretation at your fingertips.

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Kari Hohne is an Expert Dream Analyst and uses dreamwork to coach others to move beyond their limitations. Contact her to discuss her 3 weeks online class that will teach you how to use your dreams to gain personal guidance.

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